In the following pages I will chronicle my step by step journey as a Church Planter
Two things you need to be a leader worth following.

Everything rises and falls on leadership.
You are the leader so that means everything rises and falls on you.
If you want to build a strong team, you have to be a leader worth following.

There are two main components in being a leader worth following.

1 – You have to have your heart in the right place.

People are very intuitive. They can see true motives easily. If your motive in being a Youth Pastor is money, popularity, gaining twitter followers, or one day getting on the speaking circuit, people will quickly see that. If your motive in having people be on your team is so you can use them for your purposes but really don’t care about them personally. They will see this very quickly and not want to follow you. And who can blame them? Who wants to follow a selfish leader? No one!

If you want people to follow you, your heart has to be in the right place. Bringing people to Jesus and helping them live like Him, has to be the motive behind everything you do. When you get your heart right, people will respect, listen, and follow you.

2 – You have to be growing and going somewhere.

Peter once said, “But grow in the grace and the knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ”.
This is not optional. Here are a few simple yet profound questions for you to answer. How you answer these questions will determine how effective you will be at getting people to follow you.

Are you smarter now than you were this time last year?
Do you know more scriptures now than you did last year?
Are you a better speaker now than you were six months ago?
Are you better at delegating now than you have been in the past?

If you answered no to two or more of these questions, you are not growing.
If you are not growing, why would anyone join your team?

High level leaders want to be around other high level leaders. Make personal growth a high priority in your life and you will be much more attractive to the people around you.

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