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Tips for Single Men.

Guys please understand that God will never give you anything you are not ready for – the Devil will – but God loves you to much to do that. So if you want God to give you a bride, you have to get yourself ready.

Here are three areas you need to be ready in before God will give you Mrs. Right.

Get yourself Spiritually ready:
1 – Walk with Jesus
2 – Deal with hidden sin
3 – Pursue his purpose for your life.

Get yourself Financially ready:
1 – Have a job
2 – Be on your way to a career
3 – Have a decent amount of money in the bank
4 – Have limited about of debt

Get yourself Emotionally Ready:
Its time to grow up. You have to stop thinking like a little boy. When you get married you will have a little boy and you can’t raise a boy when you are still like one … so grow up emotionally.

1-Realize life is not about you
2-Spend more money on tools of your trade then toys of your childhood
3-Realize the more life is about HE and less about ME the stronger you will be

God has an incredible plan for you.
God has an incredible woman for you.
Get yourself ready and he will send her your way!

We will be giving more tips to single guys and gals this Sunday in our “Meant To Be” series on Sex, Marriage and Being Single.
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