In the following pages I will chronicle my step by step journey as a Church Planter
Three C’s of Student Minsitry

I am a “Keep It Simple” kind of guy. I think if you want to be successful you have to cut thru all the fluff and focus on the stuff that gets you a win. In student ministry if you want to win you have to master the three C’s.


Jesus once said “Go into all the world and make disciples”. A teenagers world is their school campus. Thru the years I have seen that before students will get into our world we must first step into theirs. We have to get on their campus. Our weekly campus ministry focuses on three things.

School Lunches

Every day my team and staff is on a school campus, eating lunch, making relationships and building authentic friendships.

Speaking Venues

Each week we speak on a school campus in our area via, club meetings, bible clubs, school assemblies and more. Rather than re-invinting the wheel in these school venues, we have decided to partner with our local Campus Life Ministry. We have found this group of leaders to be incredibly welcoming and easy to work with. We are so thankful for their true friendship and willingness to open doors into local schools.

Specific Team Outreaches

In the weeks and months to come we will be working with both the music and athletic departments of our local High Schools to find ways to serve and partner with them.


Our service is all about Jesus and Jesus is anything but boring. So each week we strive to represent Jesus well and be extremely creative. In fact we have two words we want to describe our services. Fun and Memorable.


If it is not fun they will not come. That is just the plain honest truth.
So each week strive to make our pre service – actual service – post service FUN.


Scripture teaches us to be doers of the word and not hearers only. Teenagers cannot do something they cannot remember, so we want every message memorable. Memorable stories. Memorable scriptures. Memorable moments.


We ultimately strive to connect students with God by connecting with them with others. Teenagers thrive off of community so we don’t fight that desire we use the need of it to help them connect better to God.

Volunteer Teams

We want our teenagers to love Jesus and serve Jesus. Thru the years I have seen that “relationship” is a lot like “sweat”. When you go to the gym you don’t go to sweat you go to work out. However, when you work out “sweat” naturally happens. The same is true for relationships. We don’t serve to build relationships with other people, however, when we role up our sleeves and serve, “relationships” naturally happen.

Connect Groups

Connect Groups are where the real magic happens. It is in our Connect Groups where teenagers eat together, laugh together and learn together. It is in our Connect Groups where we hold our students accountable to reading the scriptures and growing in their walk with Christ.

With everything you have going on each week. Don’t get lost in all the fluff … Keep It Simple and only do the stuff that gets you a win. Get on Campus, design Creative Services, and develop strong Connections.