In the following pages I will chronicle my step by step journey as a Church Planter
The best time to train your team is …..

The other day I was traveling to a speaking engagement and I just happened to be on the same flight as an NCAA College Basketball team. As I sat there I noticed one of the coaches watching game film on his computer. While taking notes and making adjustments, he leaned across the aisle and began to break down the game film to one of his players, pointing out a few things he could have done better, some of the things he did well, and gave him a few tricks of the trade of posting up, and blocking out his opponent.

It was really something to watch this coach in a real informal way, take advantage of the time he had to help one of his players improve.

While watching all of this transpire, I was reminded of the way that Christ taught His team.

Jesus often taught his disciples in the same informal way.

Sure from time to to time he sat them down in a group and broke down some incredible teaching. However, most of the time Jesus simply took advantage of the time he had with them. Jesus taught his team while walking down the road, sitting by a well, or eating a meal together.

Jesus showed us that the best time to teach and train is …. ANYTIME.

Leadership and life lessons are caught more than they are taught.
From time to time it’s a great idea to train in a formal setting. However, if we don’t take advantage of the time we have eating a meal, driving in the car or watching a game, we are missing out on a great opportunity to model life and leadership to those God has entrusted to us.