In the following pages I will chronicle my step by step journey as a Church Planter
TEN ways to build bridges to parents.


Have a smooth hand-off from children’s ministry to youth ministry.

The hand off from children’s ministry to youth ministry is more about the parents than it is the children. The children are ready to move up, the parents are a little hesitant. Work with your children’s ministry department to prepare parents for the child becoming a teenager and moving up to youth ministry.

Have a SAFE ministry every single week.

If your service is entertaining and life changing but parents don’t think it is safe…they won’t let their child attend your service for long. What are you doing to make sure your parents know your ministry is completely safe for their child.

Have a strong “walk-away point” every week.

The first thing a parent is going to ask their child when they get in the car after the youth service is “Did you have fun?” and “What did he talk about?”. You want that teenager to be able to clearly state exactly what you told them. The best way to do that is only tell them one thing. Wrap your entire message around one central theme or what we sometimes call a walk away point.

Be a Leader of Leaders not a Cool Youth Pastor.

Teenagers love cool youth pastors. Parents love leaders. Prove to parents that you are a leader. Be sharp. Be on time. Have a vision of where you are taking their child spiritually. If you do these four things parents will trust you with their child.

Be early in order to be on time.

If you are on time … you are late. Parents are busy. Treat them with respect by showing up early for meetings and returning on time from trips with their child.

Give them plenty of notice before an event or outing.

When is the event? How much is it going to cost? Let Mom and Dad know ahead of time so they can make the personal preparations necessary to get their child there.

Work the lobby of your church both pre and post service.

Before and after every service go around and talk to parents. In fact talk to parents more than you talk with teenagers. You want to influence the influencers. If Mom and Dad like you they will make their kid come to your service.

Tread lightly on SEX talks.

I am a parent of a 13 year old girl. If you were my daughters Youth Pastor, if there is one topic you better get right it is the topic of sex. In fact if you don’t talk about this topic the way I want you to … you will never talk to my daughter again. Here is a tip. Tread lightly on this topic – you don’t have to talk in great detail – or use off color or crude language to get your point across.

“TEAM UP” with Parent program.

Design a text / web based program to pour into parents lives with weekly parenting tips, upcoming events and devotionals. We designed one simply called TeamUp Tool Box. You can check it out by clicking here.

Love their teenager.

Greater love has no man than he lay down life for friend. When parents see that you have laid aside your personal agenda and made the best interest of their child your only agenda. They will love you. When they love you they will want to partner with you in helping their child love Jesus.