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Lets Talk Podcast – 5 thoughts that will kill your ministry.

This month we launched Lets Talk – a candid conversation about life and leadership.
Each month I will be answering the questions you send my way, as well as talking with some of the greatest leaders in America, and around the world.

You can listen to this months Lets Talk Podcast Here

In this months podcast we talk about “5 thoughts that will kill your ministry.

1 – My Pastor should leave me alone and let me do what I need to do.
2 – My ministry is the most important ministry in the church.
3 – I have to grow big.
4 – If I had what they have I could do what they are doing.
5 – Ok is good enough.

Let me ask you a question.
Which of these thoughts do you struggle with and what are you doing to get your mind right?

I would love to hear from you, continue the conversation and serve you anyway I can.
If you email me, I will email you back. If you tweet me, we will talk.

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Next month we will be talking with Shane Duffy, the creative arts director at Newspring Church.
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