In the following pages I will chronicle my step by step journey as a Church Planter
How to be a Problem Solver – part 1

Leadership is mastering the art of Solving Problems. If you cannot solve problems you cannot be a great leader. There are three steps you must take in order to be an incredible problem solver for you church, family and ministry.

In the next few blogs I am going to take you thru the step by step process I have taken in solving one particular problem we had here in Visalia.

The first step in being a problem solver is being PRO-ACTIVE not RE-ACTIVE.

Problem Solvers are pro-active by nature. What I mean by that is true problem solvers, find a solution to a problem before the problem arrives. If you are launching a ministry, doing a volunteer dinner or preparing a message take time to ask yourself “what could go wrong?” then put things in place to keep the “wrong” thing from happening.

Example of being Pro-Active here in Visalia:

We have never had any major problems with security or safety in our student ministry. However, when I arrived I knew we were going to be reaching out to more unchurched and unsaved teenagers than we had in the past. Knowing this I asked myself the question “what could go wrong?”.

Parts of Visalia are extremely rough. In fact every Public School has an issue of some sort with Gangs and Gang related violence. Knowing that we were going to be reaching out to public school kids, I knew that one thing that could go wrong is that a teenager could bring a knife, gun or some sort of weapon into the ministry.

To prevent this from happening we set up a Security Team and we “Wand” every student with a hand held metal detector before they enter the facility on Wednesday Night.

Not only have we not had any problems with teenagers bringing weapons of any kind into our youth ministry, I know we have done our very best that we could do to ensure that we will NOT have any issues in the future.

Leadership is PRO-ACTIVE not RE-ACTIVE.

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