In the following pages I will chronicle my step by step journey as a Church Planter
Follow Up that Works. (A must read blog if you want to grow.)

The idea in marketing is to be noticed.
In order to be noticed, you need to do something different.

In the technological world we live in, teenagers get 150 text messages per day, 50 snap chat photos per hour, and countless Instagram notifications per week. If the only way we follow up with our first time guests is by using these forms of communication, the guest may see what we sent them, but they will not necessarily notice it.
We are one of 100’s of other messages they have received that day.

That’s not different. That won’t be noticed.

However snail mail and phone calls are different.
Snail mail and phone calls will be noticed.

You might say, hold on Kevin, teenagers never get snail mail. Teenagers never get phone calls!
You know what you are exactly right, they don’t!
And that is the exact reason why we should use them in our follow up!

I believe that Old School is the New School.
Old School is different and different will get you noticed.

Here are some Old School steps to following up that will get you the New School results you are looking for.

Step One:
Write a hand-written post card to every first time visitor on Thursday morning after the Wednesday night service, thanking them for coming as well as inviting them to come back next week.
Note – NEVER send pre-printed post card or form letter! It has to be hand written!

Step Two:
Personally calls every first time visitor on Thursday afternoon, thanking the student for attending, asking them how they liked the service and inviting them back next week. Here is a tip on this phone call…Call during school hours. That way they don’t pick up the phone and you can just leave a short but personal message.

Step Three:
Call the visiting students parents on the phone on Thursday or Monday, personally thanking them for allowing their child to attend, answering any questions they may have and let them know I’d be honored if they could come back this week.

Step Four:
On Thursday of the same week write a second hand written post-card to the first time visitor, letting them know you were thinking of them and hope they have a great week. Don’t ask them to join you for service, just write a note letting them know you were thinking of them.

I know. I know these methods are dated … But I DON”T CARE because they work!

The reason I am so into old school tactics of follow up is because a few summers ago we did this four step method of personal follow up. During that summer we had around 200 first time visitors in three months. In that same time period we we grew in average weekly attendance by more than 100. That is a return rate of nearly 50%. These methods got teenagers attention and they came back. That is what follow up is all about.

We use these same type of follow up methods today at TheCHURCH at Visalia. We have grown from 30 people gathering in our home to 285 in weekly attendance. We have led more than 150 individuals into a personal relationship with Jesus and baptized 85 in our first year and a half of existence as a Church.

I am telling you from personal experience. If you really want to close the back door to your ministry, use all the “wow and now” tools that Social Media provides, but don’t discount the old school tools of snail mail, phone calls and personal conversation.

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