In the following pages I will chronicle my step by step journey as a Church Planter
Faithfulness + Stewardship = Gain

Each week I do a leadership training session with my team.
This past week we talked about keys to increase in our ministry. Here are a few things that we talked about. Hopefully this will help you as a leader as well.

In Ministry we all want more. More people. More Influence. More opportunity to minister to others.
In Luke 16 we see that when we are faithful with what we have been given, we will receive more.

Faithfulness + Stewardship = Gain.

Here are three things we need to faithfully steward in order to prove to God we are ready for increase.

1 – TIME

Once it is spent, you can never get time back. So spend your time wisely.
Here are a few tips to faithfully steward your time.

Always have a notebook on you – especially in meetings

You never know when a great idea for a message, or ministry, is going to hit you so always have a notebook close by so you can write down the idea you have. Also, always and I do mean always have a notebook with you in meetings. God uses your superiors and your ministry partners to encourage an inform you so always be ready to learn.

Prioritize your schedule.

What are the four big things that you need to get done this month? Write them down as well as all of the steps (to do’s) it is going to take for you and your team to complete them. At the end of the day, look over your list to not only see what you accomplished, but to take stock on how efficiently you spent your time.

Four things you should do every day in ministry.

Have a Personal Study Time – message Prep does not count
Work on your Personal Health – workout at least 30 minutes per day.
Team Building – Spend some time with your team – meeting, learning, eating, laughing.
Start checking things off your To Do List – Get to work doing the things you need to do.

Set your schedule and then work it. Make sure that you run your day don’t let your day run you.

Work hard and work smart, but get to work! Once your day is prioritized stick with it.
Don’t allow other things like Social Media, Phone Calls, or text you receive to get you off track or wasting time.


We are in the people business. People are not only are goal, people are our greatest asset. So be a great steward of the people around you and you God will give you the honor of leading more people into a personal relationship with Him. Here are a few ideas.

Invite one new person per week to church.

As a leader we need to be smoking what we are selling. There are people all around us everyday that need what we have (Jesus) invite at least one person to experience Jesus at your church service every week.

Talk with people at Church.

To many times we get so busy doing ministry on the weekends that we don’t spend any real time with the people we are ministering too. Each week work the halls of your church, talking, laughing and setting up a time to hang out, talk or grab a coffee with people during the week.

Meet with at least 1 different person each week to build community.

People spell love T.I.M.E. If you want people to know you love them you have to spend time with them outside of the four walls of the Church. Once they know you love them … they may actually start believing that Jesus loves them too.

Get people on your team and keep them on your team.

Don’t be afraid to have a big ASK. Ask people to join your team!
Three things that will get people to join your team are Vision – Relationship – Authentic Authority.
Remember, the same three things that get them to join your team will also keep them on your team.


If we are not faithful with what we have, we will never be trusted with more! Here are a few ideas for being faithful with equipment.

Get the best price you possibly can on everything you buy.

Never be the “I want something for free” Church (I don’t think that is a good representation of who Jesus is) but also never be frivolous with your spending either.

Get what we need and then take care of what you get.

I don’t think this point doesn’t need much explaining.

Don’t treat equipment like it is yours … treat it like it is God’s.

Your computer, your desk, your office, your drum kit, projector and screen do not belong to you they belong to God. Even if you bought it with your own money .. .it does not belong to you. Scripture teaches that “The Earth is the Lords and everything in it” so everything you have is not yours … it belongs to God. So treat it that way.