Teenagers have questions and this book series gives them answers.

What do I do when answers some of teenagers toughest questions about God, Money, Friends and Sex-Love-Dating. These books are being used by Youth Ministries all across the country for small group material, teaching series as well as tools for students that have just accepted Jesus as their savior.

What Youth Pastors are saying …

“At Oneighty-Muncie, we give What Do I Do When … to each student when we pray with them to accept Christ. Recently a parent who stopped in our office said she had been reading her son’s copy at home and would like one for herself, so you never know how far-reaching a tool like this can be. I highly recommend What Do I Do When … as a concise, practical tool for student ministry.”

Jeff Hughes, Union Chapel, Muncie Indiana

“Kevin Moore tackles the toughest questions in a student’s life with the series “what do I do when”. With Biblical insight and practical advice Kevin teaches students about their biggest needs… their friends, their religion, their money and their relationships. I highly recommend this to both the seasoned and new youth pastor!”

Brian Downing, Mr. Paran Church of God, Marietta Georgia

“This series is filled with practical ,simple, and yet insightful Biblical advice on issues every teen faces and for the price, its a no brainer!”

Jared Parks, Christina Life Assembly of God, Pittsburgh PA