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10 things every teenager needs to know.

10 things every teenager needs to know.

In order to be healthy and whole. There are four things you have to get a steady diet of. Protein, Clean Carbs, Water, and Fats. If you get a steady diet of these four things will cause you to be healthy and whole. Now how you prepare those thing is where it gets fun, but in reality every time you eat you are ingesting protein, carbs, water and fat.

In order for a teenager to be healthy and whole there are certain topics they need to have a steady diet of. There are 10 things that if they ingest this knowledge into their system they will be enabled to live a much healthier life than if they did not know these things.

Thru the years there are 10 things that I have preached over and over to our teenagers. Now just like preparing a meal, every time I present these topics to the students I “cook” it a little different, but by the end of their time in my student ministry they have had a steady diet of these 10 topics.

Here are 10 things that every teenager needs to know.

There is a God

Never take for granted that teenagers know there is a God. Most likely in today’s culture they do not.

He is Good

Scripture teaches “Taste and see that the Lord is good”. God is a good God. Your teenagers need to hear over and over again that life isn’t always easy but God is always good.

Jesus is only way to heaven

In our Politically Correct Society the natural tendency teens will have is to believe that their are multiple ways to the “good side of eternity”. You need to tell them the politically incorrect truth that there is only one way and His name is Jesus.

Works do not save them

Trying to get to heaven by your works is trying to jump to the moon. You can never do it. You need help. That’s where Jesus and His death, burial and resurrection come in.

How to walk with God (pray -read word) 

How do you pray? How do you read the Bible? How do you understand and live out the Bible? You teenagers need to know this more than they need another Pizza Party.

How to say no to Temptation

How in the world can they consistently say “NO” in a world that always says yes?

What to do when they mess up

Most teenagers have no clue what to do when they mess up? That’s why they quit trying to following Jesus after the 100th time at trying to stop looking at porn. Teach your teenagers how to repent of their sin, reject condemnation and restore their relationship.

Authority is their friend and not their enemy

God blesses thru authority, teach your students that Mom and Dad are not the enemy they are actually their friend.

How to be and have a good friend

Give and it shall be given to you is NOT about money, it is about interpersonal relationships. Teach your students that whatever they give to another person … they will get from someone else.

Why and how to stay sexually pure

How to stay sexually pure is of no consequence unless they first know WHY they should strive for sexual purity.

God has given you an incredible gift. Every week you get to “cook up” a great meal for your teenagers. Make sure that this year you give them a steady diet of the 10 things they need to know.