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10 Commandments of Dating

Ok, the Holiday Season is in full swing and most likely so are your hormones.

My guess is that someone has already caught your eye. Someone special. Someone sweet, maybe someone you want to get to know a little better. That’s great and might I also say – completely normal. However, before you rush out on a date and fall in love while sharing a burrito! Here are Ten Commandments that you may want to take to heart.

Take it slow.
What is the hurry? It is a long school year and they aren’t going anywhere. 
So take your time. Get to know them before you commit to even one date.

Master the fundamentals.
News flash: guys and girls are different and the differences are much more than physical. Take some time to understand the other person for who they really are not just what they look like or how they make you feel.

Don’t get physical.
Relationships that are built on physical touch, do not last very long, so, don’t get physical. Get to know who they are as a person. You will be glad you did.

Don’t take it so serious.
Here is some good advice – relax. You like them and they like you, but you are not married yet. So don’t act like it.

Look for Chemistry not Romance.
All great teams have chemistry. You are looking for a great teammate so find someone that you can talk with, laugh with and hang out with for long periods of time. Chemistry is the key word.

Date only Christians.
Scripture teaches that two people cannot walk together unless they are going in the same direction. This special someone may look great in a pair of jeans but if they are not a Christ Follower, they are going a different direction than you, so don’t date them.

Set clear boundaries.
Boundaries do not hold you back they set you free. So before you go out on a big date, clearly define your personal boundaries on physical touch and other important issues.

Save sex for when you are married.
Sex is a wonderful thing. But, it is not for you. Not right now.
So save sex for marriage.

Have fun.
No explanation needed for this one.
You know what fun is right, so go out and have some.